Dash has one singular aim
To replace money. To be…
Digital Cash.

To achieve this aim Dash has already created:


Less than 2 Seconds for a Secure Transaction! Video

Incredibly low Fees

$0.0005 median fee per transaction. These stats rank Dash number one among the crypto's when it comes to affordable transaction fees.


Dash has optional privacy that enables an individual or company to keep its transaction private (e.g. from competitors).
Dash’s PrivateSend has never been hacked. Video


Dash is way ahead of all other coins. Latest stress test managed 3 mil transactions in one day. “Dash will be able to rival the likes of PayPal and VISA simply by using its existing infrastructure.”


Dash’s network has never been compromised. Transactions are confirmed by one of the largest peer-to-peer networks in the world: +-5,000 servers hosted around the world. More


Dash created the 1st Decentralized Autonomous Organization that prevents Forks; Hash Wars and community conflicts like Bitcoin’s 2+ years fight & fork over block size.
Dash reached consensus to double its block size in two days. More

Own Funding

Dash generates its own funding to expand the network: No centralization and no control by malicious 3rd parties with their own agendas. More


Besides InstantSend, PrivateSend and the DAO, already mentioned above, Dash gifted a number of other Innovations to the World...

  • X11 Algorithm - a POW hashing function.
  • Dark Gravity Wave - Difficulty re-adjustment algorithm.
  • Master Nodes – A server that enables unique functions.
  • Spork – Risk free forks.
  • Special Transactions – additional Transaction Payload.
  • Deterministic Masternode List – Reliable Source of Certainty.
  • Treasury - Decentralized budget system.

  • Dash Inventions are Copied and used by a large number of Crypto’s.

    Soon, more to come with Evolution.


    A Multitude of user friendly Wallets; Listed on most Exchanges and Send/Receive Dash with a Text Message - requires neither a smart phone, nor an internet connection.
    Large number of corporate entities and over 4,000+merchants worldwide accept Dash.


    1st Crypto with a 24hr Support Centre.
    Trained Professionals: English, Spanish and Portuguese.
    Phone, Ticket, WhatsApp or Live Chat.


    A multitude of Integrations: Besides places to buy products or services the integrations also providing enhancements for Dash users e.g. being able to send Dash instantly via SMS if you don’t have a smart phone. See the Timeline for more examples.


    Dash spends large amounts of time and money on research. Evan Duffield (using his own funds) has set up a lab in Hong Kong researching weird and wonderful improvements to dash, while the DAO funds research from traditional institutes like Arizona State University.