OG Remembers the 1st Days.

OG remembers the launch of Xcoin

OG is a Crypto honorific for those few who were audacious enough to venture into the crazy new world of Crypto Currencies, when it was still just an Idea.

@TanteStefana was there and she’s still with us! She posted this on 16 Feb 2014 on bitcointalk.org just a few weeks after the launch.

You  know, my husband and I were laying in bed late one night with our touchpads and he read to me an article on silk road, they’d just been arrested.  so we thought Hummm, we don’t really know about bitcoin… what’s it all about?  We started reading things, got out of bed and I started putzing about with a bitcoin wallet, tried to figure out how to mine, etc… we went to sleep even later, and continued to try and understand how it all worked. 

Silk Road

After about 3 or 4 days of that, we thought, oh, we should be looking at some new coins, it seems if you get in on the ground floor, and you catch a good one, you could make a lot of valuable coins.  So we started looking at what was coming up.

My husband saw this coin (Xcoin), and said, we should try it.  It was opening the next day, so I was ready, but didn’t know what the heck I was doing really.  So I got on the band wagon wet behind the ears, and struggled to figure out what was going on.  I don’t think I ever posted in the beginning, just struggled through by myself, though other people were asking good questions.
Anyway, I only had my two machines, and it wasn’t until last week I ventured VPC’s, and only this weekend where I’m loading up on them.  So, I didn’t make many due to my caution, though I did make some, and it’s been a really great experience.

Mining at home
The Birth of Dash

Who would have known, my first try at joining a fledgling coin would end up being such a fantastic coin!  Since then, I’ve learned so much, it’s amazing!  And I have what I truly believe will be the most important coin around.  Finally, we did something right!

Thank you Eduffield.  In life, there is a lot of luck, and then there is a bit of moving on something when it presents itself, so you do have to take a leap of faith and JUST DO IT as Michael Jordan’s ads used to say.  Thanks for the luck, the dedication, the idea, and everything!

And thanks to my hubby for seeing Xcoin just before launch!  LOL

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Note – TanteStefana (1st woman in Dash?) posted this just a couple of weeks after the launch. If you want to read what she says nearly 5 years later…
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